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Become a Recruitment Consultant in your Spare-time and earn tens of thousands of dollars.

The Gig economy is fast becoming the norm for many working Americans, job by day UBER by night, in-fact 46% of Gen Z are now Freelancers. The shift from 9-5 work, to working around your life and earning more with incremental incomes from multiple work streams is happening. In the next 5 years, it’s believed that 35% of the workforce will work remotely, only further supporting the Gig Economy movement.

Some people are put-off the thought of mainstreams Gigs like UBER for a number of reasons: No car ownership, the cost of running a car whilst working for UBER and the continuous reduction of fees drivers earn are all factors that put off so many Americans. But UBER is one of those services nearly all adults have the ability to do, which is drive, other Gigs normally require a level of specialist skills, or do they?

Setting up and owning a business away from a full-time job can also be too risky and daunting for most, so what can be done to earn good money, in your spare time?
Have you ever thought about becoming a recruiter? Recruitment consultants working for a company can often earn 6 figure salaries, but in reality, that’s working flat out for someone else.

Become a freelance recruitment consultant as you Gig and you could earn significant secondary income for just being able to place a person whos good for a job, into a company. It’s very much a people business. Companies often reward their staff with a few hundred bucks if they help find someone that company hires and of course they are happy to pay that as the average fee from a staffing agency is 20% of the base salary of the person that got placed into the company.

So let’s do some maths and work out what becoming a freelance recruiter could mean to you:

Let’s say you managed to place 2 people into a job a year, which is incredibly low and would give you 6 months on each requirement. Let’s say these roles were just average salary jobs, meaning it's very easy to find talent to place. The average salary in the USA is $56,000 per annum.

The math looks like this: $56,000 x 20% = $11,200 x 2 placements a year = $22,400

This sort of level of work should take no more than 200 hours (At a Maximum), basically 100 hours per placement. That works out to be $100 per hour for your efforts, gross income. Tell us somewhere else you can legally earn that with no qualification from the comfort of your own home? There are very limited options.

So the above is all the good, but let’s talk about the challenges of getting into this:

You will need a client/s who are willing to pay you 20% of the base salary to find them a hire.  Remember there are 20,000 staffing agency companies in the USA and they are making $150 billion a year out of recruitment services. They place 15 million people into jobs per year, however, 60 million people move work every year here in the USA, meaning there is plenty of growth for you to place a mere 2 people into work per annum.

None the less you will find in the beginning it may be a challenge to get your first agreement in place with a client.

You will need recruitment business terms, but these are easily found on the web

You will need some knowledge of the industry and the specific you are hiring candidates into.

You will need a phone and a laptop

You will need to attract talent to your jobs which you can try and do for free by crawling Linkedin sending many painstaking messages to people who aren’t looking for work, or you will have to pay your own cash upfront to Job Boards, which can rack up $000s in costs before you see any return. OR DO YOU? 

So here comes the sell…

You could do this new Recruitment Gig of yours with, split the fee (Yes reduce the money you end up with) but remove all risks and challenges recruiters face and skip right to the making money part.